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Travel onboard our luxurious Business Class flights and stay at some of the world’s finest hotels in the most sought after destinations with Etihad Holidays.

We offer a hand-picked portfolio of exclusive five star hotels, located across all five continents, ranging from prestigious city locations to stunning beach resorts.

Our team of professional travel consultants can help choose the perfect destination and personalise every last detail.​​​​

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Alter der Kinder Kinder altern bei der Reise (jedes Kind unter 18)
Alter der Kinder Kinder altern bei der Reise (jedes Kind unter 18)
Alter der Kinder Kinder altern bei der Reise (jedes Kind unter 18)
Alter der Kinder Kinder altern bei der Reise (jedes Kind unter 18)
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Abu Dhabi ​

The UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi is very much charting its own path. Not afraid to set its own new records (like the world’s fastest rollercoaster), this is a city that retains pride in its culture, history and traditions. Yet it’s also on a mission to showcase its embrace of the world – witness the stunning new Louvre Abu Dhabi. ​

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Few would argue against The Maldives being home to the world’s best (or at least most consistently perfect) beaches. No wonder its powder-white beaches and cyan-blue waters attract over a million people a year to this tiny and remote, Indian Ocean paradise. With every island a private resort, everyone can play at being Robinson Crusoe ​

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Hong Kong

Truly a city that never sleeps, this former British colony is today one of the most densely populated and vibrant cities in the world. Where centuries-old traditions co-exist with modern consumer culture on a scale and level that few places anywhere can match. Food, shopping, entertainment, history and culture. Hong Kong has it all.​

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Private Islands

For a truly exclusive and luxurious resort experience, look no further than the private islands of the Seychelles. Accessed by helicopter from Mahé, each island is occupied by a singular resort with a small number of beautifully-appointed guest villas. Every resort is unique—some provide wellness services while others focus on nature conservation.

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